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Sunday, April 29, 2012

ViciouSweet's SWEET Jewelry Creations

"ViciouSweet & Unique Handmade Jewels inspired by musicians, surfers, punks, freestylers, pinups, trendsetters & anyone who was born to stand out of line!"

 GASP! I've had this post in drafts and COMPLETE since November 26th and in the midst of the whirlwind my life has become I've neglected to publish it. Sorry. Well, needless to say, most all of ViciouSweet's awesome one of a kind pieces have sold since I created this post and new ones have replaced the ones that introduced me to this line. Check out these lovely ladies' works of art from the past AND present in my article below.

ViciouSweet describes this line best: Vicious Sweet & Unique Handmade Jewels inspired by musicians, surfers, punks, freestylers, pinups, trendsetters & anyone who was born to stand out of line! I love eclectic and that's one thing this line is. With the variety that this Miami based team produces, a fashionista can whip up many looks in an array of genres. Channel Grace O'Malley and Mary Read with their City Pirates piece, or Dorothy "Dorelia" McNeill with their Bohemian Dreams necklace. Bring out your inner surfer girl with their Chained Up In Shark Teeth necklace or show Lady Gaga up with your rocker style with their Lady Danger Shoulder Armor piece (you guessed it, the name "Lady Danger" made La Lady Gaga come to mind :p).

I discovered this line when they gave me the honor of following me on twitter. I'm so glad I clicked on their link and was introduced to their line! My top 2 favorites are the Lady Danger piece and the City Pirates piece, hands down! I love how their unique style made me gravitate towards pieces against the norm for me. Check out some of my favorite pieces and you'll find their contact info at the end of this post.

 Above is the Judas Cross My Heart Necklace. Inspired by Lady Gaga and Madonna, this necklace is made with black Swarovski crystals, tiny gold beads, silver chain and silver & burn brass crosses. ViciouSweet also has an awesome pair of Triple Cross Earrings that would go fabulously well with this gorgeous necklace.


 Above is the Triple Stoned Necklace, made with different styles of antique brass chain and three unique agate stone pieces.

 Be a Gypsy Queen with ViciouSweet's Bohemian Dream Necklace made with 14k gold chain, glass czech beads, an agate stone, detailed antique brass bead and feather charm.  

Two for the price of one, who can complain?! You can wear this White Hot Armor/Drop Necktie Chain as a drop necktie necklace or harness style. This looks great as the model has it or, I am picturing it with this black deep v ruched tunic tank I have harness style...even better if my tank was red!

The above necklace is my favorite in the collection and was still in their shop when I revisited their shop today, buuuut I just snagged it for myself, yaaay! However, check out their current pieces below for some fresh new (and similar) items and snag them before I do ;)

Love or Die Necklace

1960 Antique Brass Headchain

Diamond Girl Shoulder Armor Necklace
Shark Tooth Necklace Antique copper shipwreck necklaces grasping baby white shark teeth topped off by earth tone or colorful stones of your choice.

Follow ViciouSweet on Facebook, Twitter and visit their shop here.

Thanks for reading and have a fashionistically fabulous week!


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