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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! What I Would Have Worn If I Were A Pilgrim

Today, I want to wish you all and everyone around the world a Happy Thanksgiving! This blog is hardly started up, yet I am blessed to have friends and acquaintances who have already supported my style, writing and vision. Thank you for always believing in me, appreciating my creative work and for reading what I've already shared on my spare time.

Now, about this picture! If I were a Pilgrim, this would SO be my style! Out of the box, against the grain, over the top, sexy...and without a doubt most likely to be the Runaway Pilgrim, running off with some hot tall, dark, handsome, muscular Native Indian! <--A girl can dream of hotness.

And last but not least, in the light of Thanksgiving and all that is going on in the world today, I'd like to share this poem written by Patrik Nafziger that I found on the Peace Pastor Blog. The message in this poem is interesting and powerful. It's one of those poems, that whether you agree with it completely or not, it offers a mind opening perspective. Regardless of history and general things that have happened in the past, and still today, the one thing that I am grateful for in regards to being an American (and a New Yorker for that matter) is the fact that we are in a country, overall, that is rich in diversity. Although certain regions don't have the advantage of cultural diversity and awareness that New York living offers, we still have the gift of exposure at our hands in our homeland. We have a CHOICE to learn the beauty that other cultures and religions have to offer. We have the CHOICE to take the best of what each person has to teach us and apply it to our own lives or at least to understand and respect one another. We may not have control over the world, but we have control over our lives as individuals to coexist peacefully, live in the present moment and honor, respect and learn from the mistakes and tragic error of the past; the more of us who choose peace, the stronger our community becomes. I believe that God made us all differently in this world as a whole, so that we can learn and grow from one another in a positive light although many of times mankind has chosen and still some still choose, the opposite route. The route of fear and not love. Today, in this present moment, I hope to take with me the best of everyone and enrich my life with all that is beautiful of different cultures, religions and spiritual practices. I hope to give the same in return. Ok, preaching over, because I could go on and on and on I'm sure and it's time for you all to read the poem and go back to loving who you love on this day that highlights thanks and giving. While I don't agree with it word for word (I just seem to never agree with anything word for word :p), I can see and appreciate the message that is being conveyed here. 

The Danger of Thought: A Poem of Thanksgiving

 Patrick Nafziger at Pattnaff’s Blog
Let’s not overthink
the genocide.
Thousands forced
to beg and cry
while I read
all safe
and dry
on land that was never mine.
A long cold winter lies ahead
for native peoples
many dead
whole cultures,
families gone.
Let those who can
give thanks.
Holidays come and holidays go
while we’re waiting on the snow
to cover up muddy ground,
the muck of tears in time.
Freeze them, freeze them
in their place
so we can get back to our pace
of life
and stuff
and abundance.
Let those who can
give thanks.
Winks and nudges made it real
thank God for winter; too numb to feel
their pain.
Not ours; thank God above
for this numbing cold that freezes love.
Don’t overthink this holiday.
One of many for which others pay.
From a land of slavery; we do give thanks
for the opiates we enjoy.
Let’s just not overthink it.
Let’s baptize it instead.

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