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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Worldly Inspiration

I love and admire many styles of clothing, but above all, even my passion for vintage and pinup culture, I am most inspired by ethnic wear; Middle Eastern and Indian styles primarily (with Native Indian and African coming in strongly at second place). I love the the embroidery, the exotic and  ornate jewelry, the scarves, saris, lenghas, the headpieces, the hijabs...I can go on and on. While some styles are intended for regional, cultural, or religious purposes (the hijab for example), I find such incredible beauty in the fashions of these two different but inspiring cultures. Please be aware that I am chatting about fashion inspiration of two different regions and cultures that we, as Westerners, find more similarities in than they themselves do (even though common religion is shared in both, and Africa as well, there are many differences in culture too, each unique and possessing much beauty!). Though this is about fashion inspiration, I can't just say that this blarticle is merely "fashionably inspiring". These cultures have inspired me in more ways than one. I have an abundance of both Middle Eastern and Indian music, I study Middle Eastern Dance, I'm certified in Masala Bhangra, which is a fitness workout based on a Northern Indian Folk Dance... I feel such an incredible affinity towards these cultures, that I am quite certain that there is such thing as past lives and in that case I am 100% sure that I either was an explorer or Middle Eastern in another lifetime or at least it must be in my blood further down the line than my family has been able to document! Lol!<-But there is so much truth to this jest!

I came across the above photo today,  posted by Tribally Infused on Tumblr, and instantly fell in love! I thought, "I should be, no, I need to be wearing this!" My desire to wear this was (and is) so strong, that I had to blog about's so regal and modern day Cleopatra. I'm sure you will all appreciate this gorgeous dress and if you know me you probably can see me walking around the house in this serving tea and crumpets (ok, you got me there, Milanos or homemade chocolate chip cookies), or wine and a delicious dinner to friends in this dress. Yes.I.most.certainly.would! Slowly, as to not spill anything on it, but surely! And then we'd all lay around like harem goddesses and enjoy our food and confabulating while enjoying some relaxing Middle Eastern and Indian music in the background. I think I just hooked up whoever will be planning my bridal shower. 

So here you have it my lovely readers, my Desirous Wear of today. If I ever realize my dream of designing my own lounge wear and clothing line, you will most definitely see an emphasis on the four mentioned cultures in my designs!

Thank you for reading and I look forward to sharing more fashion related material with you soon!
Here is a photo of me wearing an Indian lengha. It appears to be a sari, but really is a full skirt in which the material extends to create a similar look to a sari. Sari's are much longer than this (around 18 feet!).
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  1. You look absolutely beautiful wearing the lengha!!! I am very similar, in the sense that I love traditional Japanese kimono. My mother is Japanese(I know, I don't look it), so I have a weakness for our traditional wear!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  2. Hello Aya! Thank you so much for the compliment, I appreciate it :)

    Kimono's are lovely! I don't own one, but my friend gave me kimono inspired jacket from her trip to China...maybe it has a more appropriate name that I am unaware of, but it's much shorter than kimono's I've seen. It's stunning! And now it doesn't fit me either :/ womp, womp, womp.

  3. P.S. I can relate, a lot of times people don't think I am Hispanic; I get Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian...but it's in us, we can see it ;) And by the way, I love the blog!