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Friday, September 30, 2011

"La Bruja Buena": Glenda, the Good Witch

With Halloween around the corner, there's much buzz going on at my job about who is going to dress as what. I am a caretaker for people with developmental disabilities, so I allow myself to get equally involved and enthusiastic with the clients about what to wear. The other day, while contemplating his choices of costume possibilities, one of my guys pointed at me and said, "You need to be a witch! Glenda! The good witch!"  That may have a bit to do with the fact that I did some crazy glitter make-up and wore a black feathered witch hat to work last year for Halloween. However, considering the nature of my job, I wore gray sweats with a matching stretch gray tee. Neat, polished, but nothing fancy...

While flipping through these photos in my style guide for the first time last night, I came across this outfit. The first thing that popped into my head was, "I look like a glammed up fairy bruja!", which is "witch" in that? Lol. Then of course, I remembered the above conversation which was endearing, so I just had to share that little anecdote along with photos of my sequined fairy, meets Esmeralda, meets gypsy witch attire.

While my Halloween conversation and "Witchy" thoughts inspired this post, this is actually an outfit I would wear (and did wear) on a summer night. I wore it to Layaly in NYC when it was still open. It was my favorite place to grab some yummy Lebanese food, enjoy some belly dancing and dance the night away with friends to Arab and Spanish hits!

Here are some photos with details from my style guide, taken by Eric Mayr of EM Photo Services in Staten Island (NY), and some pictures from my night at Layaly! This outfit is also a great display of my great bargain shopping habit ;)

Good witches, Glenda's, Fairies, Esmeralda's and Glammed Gypsies must be feminine and dainty but always regal and strong!

The white corset top has silver sequined fringe around the hem. I bought it for less than $15 on Ebay a few years ago in the lingerie search. Ooh, la, la ;)
This pic also has the best shot of the shoes, which I unfortunately didn't get a close up on. I also bought these in Getty Square, Yonkers. The pic doesn't do them justice, they don't even look right here :/ *annoying* However, they are beautiful. Kitten heals, toe clasp, shiny bedazzled upper, $14.99...what more can this girl ask for? You couldn't tell by this photo, but girls always stop in the streets to ask where I got these shoes. They are from Pretty Girl, which may still have locations in Bronx, NY.

The pink skirt also has silver sequins and beads and goes so well with the corset. I bought it for only $5!! I found this bargain on the clearance rack at Weber's in Getty Square, Yonkers (NY) and the original price was only $10 anyway. The skirt is actually plus size, but I wanted it to fall on my hips anyway, so it worked out.

Uh oh. I think I'm looking a little "w"itchy in this pic, and it doesn't look like I want to put a good spell on anyone!

This is the clearest shot of my earrings. I love these earrings. So much that I bought two pairs during an accessory shopping spree at Mandee's years when get one free section of already marked down jewelry. They are dangling sequins and are perfect with this outfit and I use it to add a touch of flamboyancy to almost any outfit that needs a little something. I put these puppies through a lot over years; I've lost count of how many times I've repaired them!

Hope you liked the photos of the outfit. Here's are some pics of my night out at Layaly with my friend Lizzie a couple of years ago. I wore the same outfit down to the very last accessory that night, with the exception of the bracelet and minus my wild curls!

Some things are just meant to stay the same. In this case, beautiful friendships and outfits I love :) The bracelet I wore on this day was purchased at Rainbow Shoppe.


Everyone enjoying some belly dancing! Her name is Layla Isis, look her up and enjoy her talent too! There's plenty of her to be found on YouTube if you don't live in NY!

I love the details on belly dance costumes, they are so ornate and beautiful and...and...BEDAZZLED!

Uh oh! I get so bashful when called up to dance, but who can say no to Layla? She is the sweetest sweetheart!
Such a joyous and classy dancer <3

Playing the finger cymbals (zils/zagat)

Lizzie gets her turn to show off her belly dancing moves!

Ending off the post with a snake-y hip ;) Thanks for looking and hope to be read by you next time!

Lots of love and peace!

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