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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

3 Vintage Hats, Vintage Gayla Hair Pins, Vintage Rollers & Cigarette Holder Style Velvet Evening Purse Lot for Sale

Hello my lovelies! I've decided to put a group of hats that I won't be using up on Ebay and have added vintage hair pins & rollers and an evening purse to the mix. This is a great set for a vintage aficionado or a lover of pin-up! The hats are all from the 40's and 50's (yeah, can you believe they've held up for 60-70 years?! "Back in the day" quality never fails to amaze me!). The owner must have been quite the smoker, so have your favorite Febreeze Fabric spray handy. Because my home smells so good, it has aired out some and I will give them a febreeze spritz as well since I haven't already :p Click on the above photo to be directed to the listing on Ebay and scroll down below to read more details and see more pics on these rare and unique items. I'm listing the lot at $40 (plus shipping and handling).

Tee hee! This hat is so adorable and the breadwinner of the hat pack (more details below)! I bought 5 hats online and 2 of the 5 looked good on me and can be incorporated into my wardrobe. This one, not so much, but I just had to take a pic with this one because of its beauty and quality! As you see in this picture, as opposed to the other from the original vendor, it has more of a brownish bronze tone. Please go by my picture for color accuracy. The one from the original seller is a few pictures below and shows the details beautifully.
This hat was my favorite and what started my whole vintage hat shopping spree! Why oh why oh why does it not look good on me either?! It's a yellowish cream colored, satin, turban style hat with a beautiful gold toned brooch sewn into it. The crystals are aurora borealis, so they pick up whatever colors surround them, in the above case, red! As I look at it sitting next to me now, they are light pink, yellow and picking up the teal of my shirt; stunning! Aurora borealis crystals are my favorite for that reason. Please note the small stains right underneath the brooch in the above pic. The pleat with the stains is actually concealable and can be pinned, or if you know how to clean satin you may be able to take it out. The inside tag reads "Sue-Claire" with New York, Paris and San Francisco around the brand name.

Here she is again ladies and gents! This hat really is a beauty and the best condition of the whole pack! It doesn't state whether the fur is real or not, but if you are anti-fur, I have to feels real and may not be for you. I'm just not sure since it appears that the tag was taken out and what's left is half a tag with a number. The veil net of the hat is in great vintage condition and of the 5 hats I ordered, definitely the best made, straight down to the lining. It has two combs attached to keep the hat in place and is lined in satin with a lace like mesh over it. The photo shows the hat as a mauve/pink but in person it is a bronze color (more like the one of me playing hat dress up in the pic above ;) )
This black veil hat/band is in good vintage condition. It's not "great" because the net is not in perfect condition. Where it's pinned there are two holes in the netting, another on the top by one of the areas where it's tacked and a rip in the end seam (that I would just cut off). Overall, for a hat that's at least 60 years old, I'm quite impressed. There are also little velvet flowers scattered on the netting. You can replace the netting, but if I were keeping it I'd just cut and sew it, it's definitely doable, but I'll leave the decision up to the buyer of this! The netting is beautiful with the velvet flowers and it would just take a quick "do it yourself" fix to get it looking legit (just a lil suggestion from the peanut gallery).
Vintage Gayla hair pins and Vintage Hollywood Rollers. This came in a lot of hats I bought and I've never used them. If I ever had guests over I would say they'd be great conversational pieces, but my conversations don't go much beyond my blogs these days! The Gayla hair pins have been opened by the original owner and what's left in the package doesn't look like it's ever been used. They are wide pins, so I imagine they were used to help keep hats in place back in the day. I'm just more entertained, amused and in awe of the fact that they are at least 60 years old! I <3 that!
I bought this beautiful velvet cigarette holder style bag for an event where I was to dress pin-up style, only to discover that it's much too small for all the junk I had (well wanted) to carry! It has a gold toned closure, card slot style pocket inside and a braided strap to wear around the shoulders. The straps have gold cuff style clasps on the bottom and is attached to the purse with a small key ring style attachment. So unique, I really do love the way this bag was made! It had a plastic price tag string on it which I snipped off and a white hang tag string on it still, so I believe it may have never even been used! The seller was only quite sure it is vintage, so that is the same information I will pass on to you; it's not certain, but it definitely appears to be. It's made with that "they just don't make it like they used to" quality that I love so much about my vintage possessions. Additionally, I've never seen key ring clasps used to attach additional straps nowadays; this definitely is a unique and rare purse in that aspect. The purse is 5.5" deep and 3 inches wide at the bottom. The detachable strap is 50'' long (so hangs 25" down from shoulder). Here are more pics of the bag below!
See how it's detachable by a mini key ring attachment? I think that's so cool, I've never seen this type of clasping on a bag with detachable straps before and I love the way it looks!

Click here-->ME!ME!ME!<-- to be taken to the ebay listing, or on the image at the head of this post. Thank you so much for reading and please follow me on Facebook to be the first to know about what's for sale and to keep up with my stylist and fashion tip related posts! xo

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